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Using energy derived from oil, coal and natural gas has led humanity to economic growth and unprecedented technologies on the one hand, while simultaneously leading it to the brink of disaster due to environmental pollution and climate change.
The global energy supply chain is infected with militancy, corruption and vast exploitation of people and the environment. Huge money sums and endless power struggles accompany the fossil energy industry. The connection between energy supply and the last two Gulf Wars, the rise of fundamental Islam and the unstable balance between Russia and West Europe is especially and explosively clear. In Israel we see the corruption at the Electric Corporation, the social and political struggle concerning the "gas agreement", hallucinatory exploration of non-conventional gas and oil sources as different aspects of the same problem: the human addiction to fossil fuels.
The Paris Treaty in 2015 established that the era of coal and oil has come to an end. It will happen gradually, and it will face huge opposition from stakeholders, but the end of the fossil fuel era is near. It is clear that we cannot use more than half of the known energy reserves without harming the stability of the climate, and it is even clearer that additional searches for new reservoirs and harmful fossil fuel production practices must be stopped.

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