Separation and utilization of industrial waste as growth engine for employment

The “Eco-Social Industry” project deals with education and the implementation of waste separation in industrial zones, employing slightly disabled people. The project includes feeding family livestock, anaerobic digestion and biogas production, and sale of recyclable dry waste.
Unemployment (including those who are unemployed due to disabilities) is not a new phenomenon. On the other hand, local authorities pay huge sums to waste contractors, landfill sites and the national sanitation fund.
“Aroma Israel” has undertaken to support the project as part of its social responsibility, demonstrating the successful integration between educating its employees, employing disabled people and environmental management of 600 tons a year of organic waste, as well as a range of other dry waste.
The project combines efforts to employ disabled people together with hitching authorities to the idea of investing in the community and the environment instead of wasting resources on polluting landfills.