One Tree – Urban tree-planting project

Trees have numerous environmental virtues. An average tree soaks up about 750kg of carbon dioxide during its lifetime, lowers the temperature in its vicinity, absorbs noise, filters air pollutants, serves as a habitat for a variety of plants and animals and adds greenery which gladdens our souls.
The “One Tree” project fixates atmospheric greenhouse gases by planting trees in cities. Seedlings are planted by children in educational farms or in schools. Each child plants a sapling in a bucket, follows its growth and nurtures it until it is ready for planting in the ground after a year or two. The trees are given to municipalities for planting in educational institutions, urban streets and open areas.
The “Good Energy Initiative” locates appropriate institutions, provides the necessary equipment for growing saplings, delivers the plants and accompanies activities. The host institution commits to take care of the saplings until they are planted. These conditions greatly increase the chances of the tree’s survival and its successful planting. Choosing the trees and distribution are done in cooperation with local authorities.
In addition to CO2 sequestration, this project helps to create green areas in cities, brings youth closer to environmental issues, develops environmental thinking and enables the survival of thousands of trees as compared to the chances of traditional unsupervised planting. “One Tree” has contributed the addition of some 15,000 trees to towns and urban edible forests.

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