Fracturing the Golan and the risk of contaminating water sources

Production of shale gas and oil using Hydraulic Fracturing (or as it is popularly called – Fracking) has been tested extensively in the US and is driving the fall in oil prices in recent years. The method involves injecting 596 chemicals into the ground in order to create a series of underground explosions. This process pollutes water sources irrevocably. The US gas “celebration” includes a well-oiled campaign designed to hide and deny the enormous environmental damage of this production method. In Europe they are closely examining the implications of production through Fracking.
Yet here in Israel, two elements joined together in this absurd story: an unemployed Energy Corporation whose Ella Valley Oil shale project was cancelled, and “oil signals” in the southern Golan Heights. The Sea of Galilee, the Yarmouk River and the streams that flow towards the Kinneret are thus prone to the Fracking initiative near their drainage basins. As we all know, oil extraction and transportation never produces pollution (regards from the Gulf of Mexico, from Alaska and from other notorious drilling sites). We also know that unconventional oil drilling certainly does not pollute the groundwater, and this can be attested to by hundreds of thousands of water wells that began to bubble with oil and gas in the US.
And besides – who needs the Sea of Galilee? It’s just an unnecessary puddle!
Fracturing the ground to produce oil in the Golan – is Bad Energy. Very Bad Energy!!!. It’s bad for the people who live there, the water resources, agriculture, and tourism in the region. It is bad for the national fuel mix, for the balance of greenhouse gases, and for programs to develop clean and renewable energy sources.
On the other hand – this is very good energy for a limited number of stakeholders and investors in IEI – a group of “paupers” led by former US Vice President Dick Cheney, the media tycoon Howard Jones, and former Israeli Minister of Energy and the leading votes contractor of the ruling party Effi Eitam.
The Good Energy Initiative supports the residents’ struggle together with “Green Trend” (Megama Yeruka) against the Golan Regional Council, the planning agencies and Afek Corporation, by participating in demonstrations and conferences, organizational consulting and the distribution of information.