Replacing diesel-based or electric water heating systems, with advanced solar power systems.

Solar heaters are an Israeli invention, and a law requiring the installation of solar heaters in every new building is implemented since 1980. Nevertheless there are still thousands of tenement houses, public institutions, nursing homes and leisure facilities that use electricity or outdated and polluting diesel systems for heating water.
In sunny Israel blessed with advanced solar technology, we can do much better.
An average electric water heater operating for 1.5 hours a day uses approximately 1,300 kWh of electricity per year. A residential building with 42 apartments burns approximately 18,000 liters of diesel fuel per year to heat water. Solar systems and solar water heaters with backup electric heat pumps are the desired solution for heating bathing water in private homes, buildings and institutions. Replacing fuel-burning water heating systems is a safe investment with a relatively short ROI period (2 years).
The main difficulty in replacing polluting systems with solar systems in residential buildings, is attaining consent from all tenants to implement the project. To cope with this difficulty we offer to subsidize the cost of installation, support, consulting and training, in order to recruit more buildings for the sake of this important goal. For buildings without a centralized water heating system, we offer subsidies for installation and accompaniment through the process with the supplier.