Circular Economy is an economic theory and practice which aims for the reduction of the environmental footprint of different sectors (mostly industry), along with economic growth. This theory claims that damaging the environment derives from different places not as a necessity but because of an existing economic problem in the industry sector. For example, the creation of waste derives from production inefficiency. While the classic economic model can be described as a linear form of taking raw material, processing it, using, and then disposing of it, Circular Economy tries to close that loop


One of the most prominent tools in the field of Circular Economy is Industrial Symbiosis. The basic idea is the cooperation between different businesses to use by-products, wastes, and emissions from one factory, as the raw materials of another. Industrial Symbiosis has an incredible potential for an overall increase in efficiency for the industrial sector by reducing waste management costs as well as raw material costs. Moreover, there’s an immense environmental advantage of reducing wastes, pollution, and resource consumption.



Industrial Symbiosis Project

The Industrial Symbiosis Project is an initiative of the Ministry of Economy, in Cooperation with “Digital Israel” HQ at the Ministry of Social Equality”. The Good Energy Initiative has won the Ministry of Economy’s bid to operate the project’s pilot year in Israel’s geographical center.

Project Goals:

1. Gathering and mapping the different types and quantities of wastes being disposed of by different manufacturers in the industry, business, and public sectors. This information will be cataloged in a national database.

2. Tracking potential “symbioses” between waste producers and raw material consumers. The waste of one becomes a useful commodity for another.

The project has a general agenda of reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfills and creating an economic incentive for the reuse of wastes by redefining it as raw material.

Our obligation as project operators is to offer businesses that will agree to share their information regarding their wastes free consultation that will help them better understand and manage their wastes, review different possibilities of cost reductions by waste management efficiency, and even creating a profit by selling the wastes to appropriate consumers.

We invite all companies, businesses, and organizations to a free of charge consultation meeting where we will create a waste survey for your business, and offer the different solutions we have for greater efficiency in waste management.

For additional information, please contact us here, or directly with the project manager, Hila Leo Shapira, at