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As part of our effort to raise public awareness to the phenomenon of climate change and the various ways to produce energy from renewable sources we operate the “human generator”.
The “Human Generator” is a stationary power plant which generates clean electricity using human pedel-power. The electricity produced can operate almost any electronic device – lighting, sound, blenders for making smoothies, phone chargers, etc. The system can be positioned at events to demonstrate the production of clean renewable energy, or it can provide electricity to facilities disconnected from the power grid, as well as providing an environmental and sporting enjoyment for participants.
The “human generator” can be rented for 4, 12 or 24 peddlers. The entire device is built from recycled parts: used bicycle frames, used chairs and milk boxes, an electricity converter and a used truck alternator.
The “Electric Dance Floor”: Stage lighting is produced from dance moves. Copper coils and recycled discs are integrated in the stage, as well as strings of energy-saving LED bulbs. The dancers on stage are equipped with special sandals that include magnets dismantled from discarded hard drives. The stage consists of 10 pallets measuring 26m2, but is modular and can be constructed in different sizes. Dancing on the stage is accompanied by explanations and demonstrations on a scale model.
A dancing event includes transportation, installation and operation throughout the entire event, accompanied by technical explanations and discussions about renewable energy.

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Whatch the HUMAN GENERATOR in a LEAD.EL movie


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