איל ביגר

Eyal Biger

Founder and CEO of the "Good Energy Initiative"

Social entrepreneur and environmental consultant in the private and public sector. Invents and implements a variety of practical projects to reduce greenhouse gases. Certified by the Faculty of Agriculture and a graduate of the “Environmental Fellows” program of the Heshel Sustainability Center. In his spare time, he serves as the keyboardist for the “Gecko” band.

יפעת בונה

Ifat Boneh

The administrative director

Fonding free-range chickens and invoices, Ifat easily defeats any bureaucratic monster determined with fighting spirits, order, organization, and lots of good energy. In her free time, she walks among the hills of the Adulam and enjoys a scenic coffee.

דניאל כץ

Daniel Katz

Shade! project manager

Enthusiastic for natural and artificial shading solutions. Daniel is a trees expert, a skillful composter and he studies how to plan cities.

יותם לידור

Yotam Lidor

"Climate Forest" project Manager

Converted from the high-tech sector to the environmental association, Tel Aviv’s dear citizen for planting trees in neglected areas. Yotam dances contact with trees and sleeps on a pillow made of injera.

דוד תאנה

David Te’ena

The Planting Manager of the Climate Forest Project

A gardener-carpenter, young and energetic, gets up early and works harder than the rest of us. No wonder- with a surname like his, which means in Hebrew – a fig tree.

אסף שחר

Assaf Shachar

“Sunstroke" project manager

A music producer with a lyrical soul. Assaf joined the initiative to utilize industrial waste for reuse, and now he is utilizing sunlight for solar energy.

Talia Yashuv

“Song of the Grasses" project manager

and the public events producer. Talia is a prehistorian of the agricultural revolution and a daughter to our Valley’s pioneering wineries.


Rabha Elqrinawi

“Haram” waste project manager

Travels throughout the Negev and the Bedouin society, directing her forces and skills to many environmental and conservation activities

Findus the cat

The most loyal worker

Comes to the office every morning to deal with the recycling of leftover food, quietly and efficient.

Board of directors

Governs and regularly audits the activities of the Initiative, voluntarily – as required by Law of Associations

Members of the Committee:

  • Committee Chairperson – Dr. Gili Topper-Tayeb
  • Audit Committee – Danny Goldenberg, Ariel Rotstein
  • Committee members – Shai Ohana, Noam Ilan, Gideon Rudovich, Shai Shahal