Our projects are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while achieving social benefits.

Moving to renewable and clean energy sources

Burning coal, petroleum, and mineral gas emit air pollutants and greenhouse gases that drive climate change. The transition to a carefully balanced energy consumption with gradual reliance on renewable sources has become mandatory.

Energy Projects

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Past Projects

קול דודי1

Kol Dodi

Replacing diesel-based or electric water heating systems, with advanced solar power systems in socially challenged neighborhoods

הדסה נעורים

Give Gas

Turning about 100 tons of organic waste every year, into natural gas. The two institutional biogas facilities were established in the youth village “Hadasa Neorim” in the Sharon, and in Moshav Adrat in the Elah Valley. They included a system for heating water for the institutional kitchen – and form pioneer models for the ‘Homebiogas’ company in Israel.

Raed More

Human generator

A mobile experiential demonstration of the production and consumption of renewable energy. Our “Human Generator”, an installation made from recycled materials, used pedal-power to produce good energy and electricity which was then used for making fruit smoothies or to operate other electric appliances

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