Song of the Grasses


Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture is based on farming practices that sequester carbon in the soil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while producing food in a more sustainable way. Supporting Regenerative Farmers helps transform our food production system from being a major driver of climate change – to one that is part of the solution. Sustainable farming safeguards our valuable soil resources and strengthens the future ability to grow food.

Modern agriculture based on mechanization, chemical fertilization, and pesticides, harms soil fertility and the ability to grow food while emitting greenhouse gases. On the other hand, regenerative agriculture offers an applicable solution for quick and proven change.

“Song of the grasses” is a project that promotes the transition to regenerative agriculture by creating a local mechanism of financial support for farmers and the land they cultivate. The support comes from the sale of the environmental value created by the regenerative farmers through companies that want/need to balance the carbon emissions of their activities.

“Song of the grasses” works to improve soil fertility through cover crops, precise fertilization, reducing chemicals, adding organic matter, combining biological power (bacteria and fungi), and reducing tillage. Such farming helps to balance the climate violation we have created – which is also affected by modern farming methods and enables the sustainable growing of food.

Contact: Talia Yashuv