Business Sector

Economy in Transition

Environmental change and climate correction can only occur through changing the economic method by which commercial companies operate. The private sector is responsible for most of the environmental damage and greenhouse gas emissions. Nevertheless, the various companies produce products for all humans, and the business sector provides the majority of jobs and the resources to finance the public sector.

The change in public awareness and regulatory progress that has taken place in recent years are important complementary parts – but the actual change is carried out in the private sector – in planning, production, supply chains and finance.

Carbon balance is an initial step that is less significant than a systematic change in a commercial company. Company owners and managers gradually understand that business and the environment can exist side by side – if the profit generated from the economic activity does not come at the expense of nature.

The economy is at a time of transition, and we believe that in the coming decades, more and more companies will direct resources from their profits to environmental restoration. “Green” companies have paved the way, and more polluting companies will follow them.

That is the only way we will succeed to create change!

Services and products

Carbon Credits

Calculate your greenhouse gas emissions from an ongoing activity or a single event – and balance them through our projects

The Good Energy Show

Inspiring professional lectures leading to to environmental awareness and actions.

The GEI lectures touch many fields -climate change, energy, waste, and agriculture, preservation and restoration. They are given in Hebrew and English.

Employee Involvement –
Tree Planting

Integrating your employees in our “Climate Forest” planting events

Waste Survey: Separation and management solutions

Surveying waste generation including sampling, weighing, and source separation to characterize the amount of waste, types, and quality.

Accordingly, we plan and operate a waste separation system that includes end-solutions.

The Trash Gang -
Environmental Forum

The “Trash Gang” is a forum that empowers sustainability managers in the business sector. The forum holds professional learning sessions and creates a platform for peer learning.

Contact us to join.

Employee Involvement –
Tree Nurseries

Set up a tree nursery on your company’s roof, yard, or parking lot – with your workers.

After the growing period, the trees are transferred to permanent planting together with the company’s employees.