We received a unique and beautiful world– to manage and maintain. We're doing our part in this mission, with faith and considerable pleasure.

The Good Energy Initiative is a climate-changing social enterprise, which has been operating since 2006. Our goal is to increase human commitment to preserving the environment. The Good Energy Initiative develops projects that demonstrate the environmental, economic, and social feasibility of practical ecology. The projects are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fixate carbon dioxide – while achieving social benefits.

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Burning coal, petroleum, and mineral gas emit air pollutants and greenhouse gases that drive climate change. The transition to a carefully balanced energy consumption with gradual reliance on renewable sources has become mandatory.

אייקון נטיעת עצים

Planting Trees

Trees play a crucial role in maintaining the planet we live on, as they improve the quality of life for humans and the entire ecosystem. Planting in neglected spaces also fabricates local communities that take responsibility for their environment.


Agriculture is the greatest interface of humans with nature. Modern agriculture increases the climate crisis and leads to the loss of our ability to grow food. Regenerative agriculture offers a viable solution for a sustainable, quick and proven change.

Waste Management

Landfilling waste is an expensive and harmful nuisance. We work to reduce landfilling of organic waste through separation at its source. We reuse, recycle and turn it into energy and soil fertilizers through a number of varied and creative ways.

Sea restoration

Human activity turns the eastern Mediterranean into a blue desert. Overfishing and human pollution decrease biodiversity and change the sea's ecological balance. Our restoration efforts focus on increasing biodiversity so the sea could function as a teeming, living habitat.

Cooling the urban heat

Urban heat Islands are created by the coverage of natural land areas with concrete and asphalt. Buildings block air movement, while transportation and industry emit heat. We urgently need cooling and shading solutions, especially in light of climate change and population density.

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Goals & Principles

הגברת המודעות הציבורית לנושא הסביבה
Reinforcing the commitment to the environment among the business sector
עבודה לאור עקרונות בינלאומיים
Respecting environmental ethics and a responsible economy
מחויבות לאתיקה סביבתית
Following the principles of social carbon offsetting
הגברת המחויבות של המגזר העסקי
Increasing public awareness to environmental issues and practical ecology

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