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Gera Tsalihin

Gera has been working with the Initiative from day 1, and grew with it professionally and personally. His main activity is the Waste Division, which he runs with enthusiasm and with a real connection to the field. He is also the main operator of the “Human Generator”. In addition, Gera is a guide with rich …

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Hadas Tadmor

Coordinator of various waste management projects: “Childrens’ Power Project” – recycling of food scraps at Bedouin schools; “Hallelujah Eggs” – feeding free-range chickens with organic waste; and “Eco-Social Industry” – modern waste management in the industry employing challenged workers. She is also an illustrator of posters and presentations. Hadas is an Industrial Designer, a graduate …

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Sigal Sprukt

Coordinator of the coalition of civil society organizations who oppose the oil shale project, and leader of the successful struggle which abolished the production of oil shale in the Judean lowlands. A graduate of WIZO Haifa College in photography and video, and a holder of a teaching diploma. Winner of the Sharet Award for her …

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Eyal Biger

Eyal Biger – Initiator and Founder of the Association Eyal is the initiator and founder of “The Good Energy Initiative”. An Environmental consultant for industries and local government. A biodiesel pioneer – producing and using ecological fuel made from vegetable oil. Director of practical projects to reduce greenhouse gases. M.Sc. (with honors) in Agricultural Biology …

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