Who Are We

Good Energy Initiative is a Climate Changing Social Enterprise, which has been operating since 2006. The initiative develops unique and innovative projects for the implementation of sustainable technologies and environmental performance, while achieving social gains. The projects combine practical ecology together with education and publicity. We initiate and run our projects within educational institutions, rural and urban communities from Israel’s social and geographical periphery, nonprofit organizations, enterprises and businesses. Our fundamental goal is to increase human commitment to environmental protection. The central themes of our work include reducing the extraction and use of fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas) for energy, and reducing landfilling of various wastes in huge pits in the Negev.
We create ground-breaking projects which strive to demonstrate the environmental, economic and social feasibility of the use of appropriate technologies and sustainable procedures, in order to bring these issues to the minds and hearts of policy makers, representatives of local government, education and the general public.
Some of our earlier projects include the installation and subsidizing of photovoltaic systems to replace diesel generators in unrecognized Bedouin villages, and the replacement of incandescent bulbs with energy saving ones in low-income neighborhoods – and over the years these projects have turned into policies encouraged by local authorities.
Today, we employ a variety of complex waste management practices involving industrial plants, rural communities, schools and youth villages. Resulting waste based products include bio-gas, compost (Humus), free range eggs, and animal fodder. In addition we replace and repair of solar water heating systems in socially challenged neighborhoods, while running a controlled urban planting project involving thousands of trees every year. Read more about our projects here.

The projects are marketed to organizations, companies and private entities seeking to offset their greenhouse gas emissions.
The initiative runs the “Good Energy Circus” – a mobile experiential demonstration of the production and consumption of renewable energy. Our “Human Generator” uses pedal-power to produce good energy and electricity which is then used for making fruit smoothies or to operate other electric appliances. Our vehicle demonstrates a method for operating a diesel engine using used vegetable oil. In the near future, the “Circus” will also be able to demonstrate the production of biogas from organic waste.
More about our Human Generator can be read here.

And yet, the highlight of our activities over the past decade is leading and managing the civil front for preventing oil shale extraction and production in the Judean lowlands. Our considerable involvement in this struggle has accompanied our work since 2009, with the Good Energy Initiative conducting the coalition of environmental groups and the residents’ headquarters right to the last stage when the Commission for Regional Planning voted against the project with an impressive 13 against 1. For more about this effort read here.

We received a beautiful world with instructions to work it on the one hand, and sustain it on the other. We are humbly trying our best to do our part in this deal, with total belief in our way and with considerable pleasure.