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Coordinator of the coalition of civil society organizations who oppose the oil shale project, and leader of the successful struggle which abolished the production of oil shale in the Judean lowlands.

A graduate of WIZO Haifa College in photography and video, and a holder of a teaching diploma. Winner of the Sharet Award for her graduation film “X’s & Circles”. “Prior to joining us in 2011 she taught film and movie producing. In addition to fighting against the oil shale project, Sigal is running the urban planting project “One Tree”, as well as the social project for replacing electric boilers with solar water heaters “Kol Dodi”. Sigal is a compulsive recycler, enthusiastically active in the community in which she lives, and a tree-hugger in her leisure time. Married with three children, and lives in the village of Srigim.


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